Development & Change


Employee engagement is a fundamental part of any organisational intervention. It refers to the positive behaviours as well as attitudes leading to enhanced organisational outcomes. Integrity Advisers are able to help your organisation define its unique organisational culture and focus on the core strengths and competencies to reinforce organisational systems and create a more effective way of working and achieving business outcomes. This is achieved through systematic data collection and analysis, facilitation of new understandings that lead to better solutions, sharing relevant psychological research and theory, and designing and delivering targeted, workable, and effective solutions to address organisational challenges. We follow the following processes to achieve greater employee engagement:


Through surveys and interviews, we evaluate your organisation, establish a baseline, and identify key areas for improvement.


Based on our assessment, we recommend a programme to create the most impact.


We train people and provide tools and resources to make significant change.


We collect data, measure effectiveness, identify areas for follow-up, and stay connected to ensure success.

Organisational Wellbeing

Our Organisational Psychologist has a particular expertise in promoting and supporting the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of employees, for organisations to remain efficient and productive business entities and have a positive impact on the their customers and wider community. We help organisations to develop a documented and systematic approach to sustain a psychologically healthy and safe workplace by identifying and eliminating hazards that are risks to the workers’ psychological health, assessing and controlling risks that can’t be eliminated, implementing initiatives that promote psychological health and safety, and fostering a culture that promotes psychological health and safety.

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Most of our work has focused on how we can use individual differences personality traits to understanding how they affect organisational wellbeing and performance. Our Organisational Psychologist works with individuals, teams and and organisations who are experiencing workplace difficulties secondary to challenging personalities (e.g., working with difficult colleagues, employees, or managers). We offer several approaches and formats for consultation depending on the unique needs and preferences of our clients underpinned by a collaborative, constructive and strength-based approach.

Aleksandra Gosteva, our psychologist, runs weekly clinics for employees, managers, and executives who require practical solutions, based on current psychological knowledge, theory and research for addressing the issues of difficult relationship dynamics with challenging personalities within their workplace contexts.

She provides psychoeducation on the impact of challenging personalities – particularly narcissistic, antisocial/psychopathic on professional relationships, organisational functioning and organisational wellbeing.